with the Spanish edition, Bs As, 2015Michael Lavocah loved tango music from his first encounter with it. Many years of study, as a dancer, teacher, DJ and collector have provided him with an in-depth knowledge of this unique musical heritage.

A natural raconteur, Michael is always sharing his knowledge of the music with anyone who will listen. This led to his popular talks on tango music and finally to the book “Tango Stories: Musical Secrets”, which was published in 2012. Translations into German, Spanish and French soon followed.

He is now working on a series of books exploring the work of the great tango orchestras, ‘Tango Masters’. The first volume, Tango Masters: Aníbal Troilo was published in 2014, with the second, on Pugliese, following in 2016. He travels all over Europe and beyond giving seminars on tango music, musicality, and how to DJ, as well as DJing at festivals and marathons.

Michael runs the tango music website milonga.co.uk, a reference point worldwide for anyone looking to find out about tango music on CD.

As a long time practitioner of Tai Chi and the Taoist arts, his dance teaching has a strong focus on body awareness as well as musicality and technique. He lives in England.