13/ Laurenz

The herald of the Golden Decade

Listening guide

  1. Arrabal (1937) youtube

canta Juan Carlos Casas:

  1. Abandono (1937) youtube
  2. No me extraña (1940) youtube
  3. Mascarita (v) (1940) youtube

canta Martín Podestá:

  1. La vida es una milonga (m) (1943) youtube

canta Alberto Podestá:

  1. Nunca tuvo novio (1943) youtube
  2. Alma de bohemia (1943) youtube

canta Carlos Bermúdez:

  1. Más solo que nunca (1944) youtube

Spotify playlist: application / browser

I wanted to include Laurenz’s version of “Corazón encadenado” but again it’s not on Spotify at present. I’ve uploaded it to youtube here.

Recommended CDs

The Masters of Tango: Pedro LaurenzPedro Laurenz - Creaciones inolvidables con Podestá y Bermudez

Note that the CD I formerly recommended on Euro Records has been deleted. It is available on mp3 in Europe – link to amazon.co.uk / link to amazon.de.