01/ Juan D’Arienzo

The King of the Beat

piano: Lidio Fasoli

  1. Hotel Victoria (1935) youtube

piano: Rodolfo Biagi

  1. Nueve de julio (9 de julio) (1935) youtube
  2. Orillas del Plata (v) (1935) youtube
  3. El choclo (1937) youtube
  4. Rawson (1936) youtube
  5. Pénsalo bien (1938) estribillo: Alberto Echagüe youtube – correct speed, no reverb (from SP)
  6. Silueta porteña (m) (1936) youtube

piano: Antonio Polito

  1. Nada más (1938) estribillo: Alberto Echagüe youtube – correct speed, no reverb
  2. No mientas (1938) estribillo: Alberto Echagüe youtube. Some of the hardest beats D’Arienzo ever recorded

Bonus tracks:

  1. Pabellón de las rosas (v) (1935) (piano: Lidio Fasoli) youtube
  2. Rodríguez Peña (1938) (piano: Rodolfo Biagi) youtube
  3. Felicia (1939) (piano: Juan Polito) youtube

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Over his long career D’Arienzo recorded most of his big hits several times, often decades apart. You can’t assume that a recording is the one meant just because it has the same name.
From this list, “Hotel Victoria”, “9 de julio” and “Nada más” were recorded three times and “El choclo” four. (The later versions of “Hotel Victoria” were recorded as “Gran Hotel Victoria”, but you can’t rely on the record companies to get this right).

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