22/ Maglio

Juan Maglio: the ultimate old-timer

  1. Emancipación (1912) youtube – compare with Pugliese’s 1955 interpretation
  2. Che papusa, oi! (1928) estribillo: José Galarza youtube
  3. Cuando llora la milonga (1927) youtube
  4. Que vachaché (1928) estribillo: Carlos Viván youtube
  5. En un rincón del café (1929) youtube
  6. Alma en pena (1928) estribillo: Luís Scalón youtube
  7. Orillas del plata (v) (1928) youtube

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You will see other names for these vocalists on CDs and elsewhere. The identity of the vocalist was not normally printed on the label. These listings have been corrected by the work of a number of researchers over many years and are our best guess at the time of writing.