… plenty of information to wet the appetite of new tango music enthusiasts and capture the hearts and intellect of seasoned veterans. This is a not to be missed read
– Homer Ladas

OMG! This is not a book – it’s the tanguero’s bible
– Steve Morrall

Michael Lavocah takes readers on a guided tour of tango’s Golden Age orchestras, offering a fresh and engaging perspective, delivered in a chatty style and peppered with amusing anecdotes. No need to wrestle with stilted translated Spanish, or pretentious academic dissection on this one. The level of detail achieves the Goldilocks optimum; not too mundane, not too arcane. The book had me grinning cover to cover, and wishing somebody had told me all this 10 years ago
– Tine Herreman

Absolutely fantastic. I think you’ve done the worldwide tango community a great service in writing this book, and can only hope that it goes on to sell thousands of copies.

I especially enjoyed the conversational style of your writing. The depth of research and detail is staggering. My one serious complaint about the book is simply that it’s far, far too short!
– T.K.

Very pleasant read about tango dance orchestras! This entertaining book for dancers of all levels will inspire you and help you organize your basic knowledge of dance orchestras. Written with understated passion -the kind of thing milongueros will appreciate, Michael Lavocah’s clear and unaffected prose attests a fine sensitivity and rigorous research work.
– Carlos Alberti

A fantastic book – I am absolutely engrossed. It really really is wonderful and I am sure it will be a seminal book which will keep tango music alive and delight many people. I am completely blown away by it.
– J.J.

If you dance or listen to tango music, then this is a wonderful book. Easy to digest, entertaining and fun, the author combines his huge knowledge on tango music with fun facts, stories and an excellent listening guide to the top tango orchestras of the golden age. It’s a real pleasure to read, and the type of book that you can refer back to again and again.
– R.S.

Exactly what I’ve been looking for! Should be mandatory reading for every DJ.
– D.A.