Tango Stories: 2nd edition available

The 2nd edition of Tango Stories is now also available directly from us, at a discounted price.

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Photo shoot

photo: Richard Johnstone-Bryden

Knowing that I needed to get a good photo for the book jacket, I was scratching my head wondering whom to ask when I remembered that one of my neighbours is a photographer. Richard was keen to help out and so one wet Friday morning we headed down to the café at Cinema City. Richard is a marine historian & photographer and usually photographs boats but on the evidence he certainly knows his way around portrait photography. We got a number of good shots of which this is my favourite – I’m really pleased!

Cover – first draft!

Here is the first draft of the front cover from my designer Nigel Orme. This design was inspired by an Atlanta Records label from 1914. I am really delighted with the concept!

We are looking at a few different colour schemes and this is unlikely to be the final one.