Roberto Firpo (1927-1929)

A delicious album of late 1920s Firpo from RGS with an astonishing resemblance to CTA-741. Reasonable transfers of fairly clean discs make this easy to enjoy. Teófilo Ibáñez is the vocalist on four tracks including an unusual vocal version of Marejada (a track more familiar to us from the 1941 version of Carlos Di Sarli) although Organito del suburbio is more satisfying.
Firpo’s special qualities – his romantic sense of melody, the deep wailing melancholy of the violins – come to the fore in the instrumentals, with 9 de julio | Nueve de julio, A la luz del candil, Cotorrita de la suerte, La cumparsita, Entre tangos y champagne and Oí malevo all being stand-out tracks. That’s a lot of stand-out tracks – an excellent album, especially if you’re not familiar with the artist in this period.
Geek note: The title of Entre tangos y champagne is given incorrectly, with “tango” in the singular.
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