Review of “Tango-Geschichten” in Tangodanza

Tangodanza 2014 issue 1Tangodanza magazine published this review of TangoGeschichten (1st edition) in the first issue of 2014.

Michael Lavocah hat ein neues Genre der Tangoliteratur erfunden. Das Buch ist kein Katechismus, wie manchmal geraunt wird, aber ein hervorragendes Handbuch für Tango-Interessierte, mit dem man sich lange beschäftigen kann.

Michael Lavocah has invented a new genre of tango literature. The book is not a catechism, as is sometimes murmured mysteriously, but an excellent guide for those interested in tango which can engage your attention for a long time.

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Tangodanza 2014-01 review

Review courtesy of Tangodanza magazine – reproduced by permission.