Now showing on amazon – but don’t be fooled!

The book has now appeared on the Nielsen BookData database (that’s the big database of every book published in the UK). The hardback (978-0-9573276-0-3) which will be printed in the UK, targetting sales in the UK and EU, has been picked up on amazon. They think they can get them for you, but don’t be fooled! They can’t, because the only place they can get them from is me, and I won’t be selling them any 🙂

The paperback (ISBN 978-0-9573276-1-0) will appear on Amazon US on publication date at the end of August. It won’t be available in the EU.

For those of you living in territories outside the EU and North America the cheapest thing to do will be to buy the paperback from Amazon US. If you want the hardback I will be able to post one out to you but the postage costs will be high. I don’t know exactly how much just yet.