German 2nd edition / Deutsch 2.Auflage

Tang-o-Geschichten 2.Auflage 478x740
The 2nd edition of the German text is also ready!
Die 2. Auflage des deutschen Textes ist auch bereit!

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Historias de Tango: la música nos lleva

Historias de tango: la música nos llevaI am excited to formally announce the forthcoming release of the Spanish version of “Tango Stories” in Buenos Aires this Easter. The book has gone to the printers and will be launched at the Maracaibo (the former Marabú cabaret) on Tuesday 14th April 2015. Later in the year the book will be made available outside Argentina through Amazon.

This project was made possible by the Argentine Tango Society to whom I express my thanks. It’s humbling for me that people want to support my work in this way. I must confess, it is with some trepidation that I look ahead to presenting my work in Argentina. Thus far, however, the reaction from Argentines has been universally positive.

Tango Stories – 2nd Edition released!

Tango Stories: Musical Secrets 2nd editionI’m delighted to announce the release of the second edition of “Tango Stories”. I have been continuously updating the text in the two years since “Tango Stories” first appeared, and this second edition is completely revised. There are some additional discographies and new appendices, including an essay on how to listen to tango music, a condensed version of my most requested lecture. There is also an index – two in fact, one of the orchestras and musicians, and another of the themes referenced.

How to get the book:

If you are in the United States, buy from the createspace estore using the code FG7T6VZB to get a 15% discount, making it cheaper than buying the book from

In Europe you can order from,, or any of the amazon sites.

I also have an order at a printers in the UK which should be delivered to me before xmas. I will make a further announcement when I have them.

I am very pleased that this second edition is finally available.

ISBN: 978-0-9573276-4-1
published: 13-Dec-2014

Tango Stories: 1st edition hardback now sold out!

1st edition - SOLD OUT!That’s right – the 1st edition hardback is now sold out. If you desperately want a hardback, there are just a few copies left at amazon in the UK.

Don’t worry, though – the 2nd edition is almost ready to go! It’s at the printers right now. More details very soon.

In the interval, the 1st edition paperback is still on sale from amazon US, or better still from Createspace where it’s cheaper (see the previous post).

German launch party

The launch party is confirmed for Saturday 5th October in Berlin. This is taking place within Berlin’s first ever Musical Secrets festival, organised by Ines Moussavi at La Berlinesa. Ines has invited a group of teachers with expertise in teaching musicality: Ruth Zimmermann, Raimund Schlie of Mala Junta, Steve Morrall of Tango UK, and myself. On each day a famous tango orchestra will be presented. A special feature will be the daily pre-milonga where we will DJ for 90 minutes just with one orchestra, showcasing its different periods and styles.

I am pleased just to be part of this event, and it’s the perfect event for the launch the book. I hope to see many of you there!

US launch is ready

Those of you outside the UK/EU: read on!

The book’s US version, a paperback, is being printed by Createspace (amazon’s digital printing company).

If you qualify for free shipping (live in the US and spend over $25) then it’s best for you to buy the book on amazon. Otherwise, please buy the book from the Createspace eStore because amazon take a $3.20 fee from me for selling you the book. This is what pays for the free shipping.

Createspace eStore:
Amazon US:

Now showing on amazon – but don’t be fooled!

The book has now appeared on the Nielsen BookData database (that’s the big database of every book published in the UK). The hardback (978-0-9573276-0-3) which will be printed in the UK, targetting sales in the UK and EU, has been picked up on amazon. They think they can get them for you, but don’t be fooled! They can’t, because the only place they can get them from is me, and I won’t be selling them any 🙂

The paperback (ISBN 978-0-9573276-1-0) will appear on Amazon US on publication date at the end of August. It won’t be available in the EU.

For those of you living in territories outside the EU and North America the cheapest thing to do will be to buy the paperback from Amazon US. If you want the hardback I will be able to post one out to you but the postage costs will be high. I don’t know exactly how much just yet.