Michael Lavocah on CN23, 17-04-2015

Michael Lavocah on CN23, 17-04-2015

I was asked to come on the Argentine news channel CN23 to talk about the book and my opinions on tango. These guys joked around a lot, but they knew their stuff and asked good questions – what was the first tango that really grabbed me (‘Toda mi vida’ of Troilo / Fiorentino), what did I think about Electrotango (grabs the interest at first, but the rhythm can become monotonous), what was my favourite tango (very difficult – I surprised myself by choosing ‘Sur’). We had a lot of fun – I even danced with co-presenter Vicky Márquez, who had never danced tango before! I can tell you – ella se deja llevar.
CN23 - Michael Lavocah & Vicky Marquez

La 2×4

with Luis Tarantino on 'La 2x4'

with Luis Tarantino on ‘La 2×4’, 17-04-2015

Tango radio station La 2×4 is famous among tango enthusiasts in Argentina, broadcasting on 92.7 FM and also streaming live on the internet. Luis Tarantino kindly invited me on to his show, where we chatted about tango, the book and (of course) football.

El Argentino Zona Norte

El Argentino Zona Norte - 16-04-2015
‘El Argentino’ is a free newspaper that is distributed on the Subte in Buenos Aires, a bit like the ‘Evening Standard’ in London. We got this excellent coverage in the Zona Norte edition, which covers all the stations on the North side of town. Click on the picture to view the pdf of the whole page. In case you don’t speak Spanish, ‘Destacado’ here means something like ‘Pick of the week’.

Review of “Tango-Geschichten” in Tangodanza

Tangodanza 2014 issue 1Tangodanza magazine published this review of TangoGeschichten (1st edition) in the first issue of 2014.

Michael Lavocah hat ein neues Genre der Tangoliteratur erfunden. Das Buch ist kein Katechismus, wie manchmal geraunt wird, aber ein hervorragendes Handbuch für Tango-Interessierte, mit dem man sich lange beschäftigen kann.

Michael Lavocah has invented a new genre of tango literature. The book is not a catechism, as is sometimes murmured mysteriously, but an excellent guide for those interested in tango which can engage your attention for a long time.

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Tangodanza 2014-01 review

Review courtesy of Tangodanza magazine – reproduced by permission.