Contame una historia (Tell me a story)

A new review of Historias de tango in the Argentine print magazine Revista Veintitrés.

‘Historias de tango – La música nos lleva’ es el intenso y completo resultado de años de escucha, análisis y suelos de milongas gastados: un recorte personal sobre las orquestas y grupos que forjaron, enriquecieron y revolucionaron el género haciendo foco en el tango danza durante la época de oro que atravesó la década del ’40.

‘Historias de tango – La música nos lleva’ is the intense and complete result of years of listening, analysis and worn-out milonga floors: a personal review of orchestras and groups which forged, enriched and revolutionised the genre, focussing on tango as a dance during the golden age that spanned the 40s.

– Nicolás Russo, Revista 23

See the full review below. The opening quote in the review – You have who lips, tell me a story… a beautiful mess which invites one to dream – come from the tango Contame una historia of Eladia Blazquez.
review in Revista Veintitrés (small)


Michael Lavocah on CN23, 17-04-2015

Michael Lavocah on CN23, 17-04-2015

I was asked to come on the Argentine news channel CN23 to talk about the book and my opinions on tango. These guys joked around a lot, but they knew their stuff and asked good questions – what was the first tango that really grabbed me (‘Toda mi vida’ of Troilo / Fiorentino), what did I think about Electrotango (grabs the interest at first, but the rhythm can become monotonous), what was my favourite tango (very difficult – I surprised myself by choosing ‘Sur’). We had a lot of fun – I even danced with co-presenter Vicky Márquez, who had never danced tango before! I can tell you – ella se deja llevar.
CN23 - Michael Lavocah & Vicky Marquez

La 2×4

with Luis Tarantino on 'La 2x4'

with Luis Tarantino on ‘La 2×4’, 17-04-2015

Tango radio station La 2×4 is famous among tango enthusiasts in Argentina, broadcasting on 92.7 FM and also streaming live on the internet. Luis Tarantino kindly invited me on to his show, where we chatted about tango, the book and (of course) football.

El Argentino Zona Norte

El Argentino Zona Norte - 16-04-2015
‘El Argentino’ is a free newspaper that is distributed on the Subte in Buenos Aires, a bit like the ‘Evening Standard’ in London. We got this excellent coverage in the Zona Norte edition, which covers all the stations on the North side of town. Click on the picture to view the pdf of the whole page. In case you don’t speak Spanish, ‘Destacado’ here means something like ‘Pick of the week’.

Tango Stories – Editions map

The table below presents a map of the various editions of “Tango Stories”:

Version Date
1.0 English
1st ed
978-0-9573276-0-3 (h)
reprint 3/12
1st ed
978-0-9573276-2-7 (h)
with index
2nd ed
corrected German
2nd ed
Argentine edition
International edition

Version 2 (i.e. the 2nd editions of the English and German text) has an index and, as a new appendix, an essay on listening to tango music. If you only have the first edition, you can read this essay on todotango (English only).

German 2nd edition / Deutsch 2.Auflage

Tang-o-Geschichten 2.Auflage 478x740
The 2nd edition of the German text is also ready!
Die 2. Auflage des deutschen Textes ist auch bereit!

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Historias de Tango: la música nos lleva

Historias de tango: la música nos llevaI am excited to formally announce the forthcoming release of the Spanish version of “Tango Stories” in Buenos Aires this Easter. The book has gone to the printers and will be launched at the Maracaibo (the former Marabú cabaret) on Tuesday 14th April 2015. Later in the year the book will be made available outside Argentina through Amazon.

This project was made possible by the Argentine Tango Society to whom I express my thanks. It’s humbling for me that people want to support my work in this way. I must confess, it is with some trepidation that I look ahead to presenting my work in Argentina. Thus far, however, the reaction from Argentines has been universally positive.

Tango Stories: 2nd edition available

The 2nd edition of Tango Stories is now also available directly from us, at a discounted price.

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Tango Stories – 2nd Edition released!

Tango Stories: Musical Secrets 2nd editionI’m delighted to announce the release of the second edition of “Tango Stories”. I have been continuously updating the text in the two years since “Tango Stories” first appeared, and this second edition is completely revised. There are some additional discographies and new appendices, including an essay on how to listen to tango music, a condensed version of my most requested lecture. There is also an index – two in fact, one of the orchestras and musicians, and another of the themes referenced.

How to get the book:

If you are in the United States, buy from the createspace estore using the code FG7T6VZB to get a 15% discount, making it cheaper than buying the book from

In Europe you can order from,, or any of the amazon sites.

I also have an order at a printers in the UK which should be delivered to me before xmas. I will make a further announcement when I have them.

I am very pleased that this second edition is finally available.

ISBN: 978-0-9573276-4-1
published: 13-Dec-2014